British Council IELTS Award


British Council IELTS Award

Applications for the British Council IELTS award are presently being acknowledged. As a part of the British Committee IELTS Awards, candidates are qualified to get up to £10,000 to support their studies around the world. The main reason for this award is to back uncommon individuals who are determined to improve their profession and contribute to the well-being of society through there with the assistance of the British Council IELTS Award. With the help of The  British Council IELTS Award, applicants who have qualified for the award will be eligible to enroll in any college or university in the world that accepts IELTS as an admission requirement. Qualified candidates of an institution of higher education (either abroad or in Germany) will be eligible to receive the British Council IELTS Award. Based on the educational expenses of the institution that is selected by the winner, the IELTS Award by British Council can range from £3,000 to £10,000. Through this award, all the expenses of the course selected by the winner are covered. During the 2022-23 scholastic year, grants will be directly paid to the respective institution.

IELTS Award aims to encourage young individuals to pursue their educational interests while studying overseas. It offers financial support, as well as the ease to select various courses in English-speaking universities around the world. In particular countries, the candidates who qualify for their IELTS test will receive a cash prize that helps them attain their academic goals. Examinations that are widely acknowledged and trusted by universities and educational institutes around the globe could help you improve and to go even further in achieving your dreams, academic field of your choice, organization, and objective. 

Details Regarding IELTS Awards:

  • Host Institutes: Higher learning institutes globally.
  • Educational Fields: Any English taught program.
  • Number of Prizes: Not specified.
  • Eligibility: Open to all Nationalities.
  • Last Date for Application: 30 June 2022

 Advantages Which British Council IELTS Award present:

  •  The individuals who have qualified for the prize will receive prizes from the British Council ranging from £3,000 to £10.000
  • This award changes in the measure based on the educational cost of the institution you want to go to and must be connected to the fetched educational cost for your chosen program.
  • If the nominated applicants’ tuition fees are less than the particular prize of £10,000 that is being awarded, the remaining funds will be awarded to runners-up.

Necessary Requirements :

  • To be eligible for the award, the candidate must be 18 years of age by 31 July 2022.
  • IELTS examinations must be held at a British Council center in Germany and a Test Report Form (TRF) is necessary.
  • The candidate must have taken a British Council exam between 1 June 2021 and 10 June 2022.
  • An aggregate of 6.5, as well as in each of all four components of the test is necessary.
  • The scholastic year 2022–23 starts in August 2022. Students must sign up this year.
  • Undergraduate or graduate courses taught in English must be attended at a university.

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Submission Deadline:

The Submission deadline for the British Council IELTS Award 2022   globally is 30 June 2022 (14:00, German time).

How can One apply For the British Council IELTS Award?

  1. The IELTS test must be taken at a British Council-approved examination center based in Germany.
  2. After the exam, a (TRF) Test Report Form will be issued to you.
  3. When you have completed the application submit the online application form.

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